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JDP’s Must Be Vanity Behind the scenes

So I was digging through my photo archives and realized I never really put out many photos from this shoot. Well here you go! Click the pic to see the rest!



It was a great time shooting this day. This Robert Palmer inspired video was one of the most fun I have had shooting. Check it out here! Make sure to watch it in HD!

Originally JDP called me and told me his idea of drawing from Robert Palmer’s “Addicted To Love” for the vision of the video. The earliest music video I could remember was this video and for some reason it stuck with me so when JDP mentioned it, I couldn’t wait to bring it to life. The pics you see here are only a small glimpse of the fun we had shooting it. Special thanks to the models and actresses, Rain Swanigan, Ivy Clark, Kimberly Christian and introducing Kinga Gacek in the video! Expect to see a lot more from them! They were all fantastic. But of course you can see that here!


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Blizzard Special!

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In light of the inclement weather we want to spread warm feelings so we have a current Blizzard special for the month of February and March!!! Refer a friend and get

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Maternity Photos with the Tarvers Preview

It was an adventure and pleasure shooting them. More coming soon!

Shooting with Sherhara

The contagious force that is Sherhara!

This is our second time shooting with Sherhara and as always it is a tremendous pleasure. Most recently we shot her submission to be Check Please’s newest host. We hope she gets the position! it would be great to see Sherhara does what she does best on such a fitting platform. We always look forward to shooting with her because she is a fun presence to any room and is truly contagious. Videos will be up soon! UPDATE: Click the pic for the video!



Sharron & Millicent’s Birthday Celebration

I had the pleasure of capturing Sharon & Millicent’s birthday party. It was a fantastic time! I took a ton of pictures but selected a smaller sampling to show. Click the image below to enjoy the pics!

Sharron Birthday Party -025